Former Oklahoma Police Officer Charged With Kidnapping And Domestic Abuse Of A Woman He Met Online

A former Oklahoma police officer has been arrested and charged with kidnapping and abusing a woman he met online in the presence of his 10-year-old son. James Otterbine flew the unidentified woman from Miami to his home in El Reno and proceeded to imprison her, physically abuse her, and force her to submit to sexual acts. As of Saturday, Otterbine was in custody being held on a $30,000 bond.

Canadian County Sheriff Chris West told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that the pair met about two months ago and started a long-distance relationship. Otterbine invited the soon-to-be-divorcee to come to visit him. He sent her an airline ticket but their relationship took a sudden turn. The victim told authorities that Otterbine started to demonstrate aggressive and violent behaviors shortly after her arrival.

“Over the past several weeks, Otterbine became increasingly physically violent,” Sheriff West wrote in a prepared statement.

The woman accused the former cop of taping her wrists and handcuffing her to chairs. She said that Otterbine was physically abusive and forced her to engage in “rough sex.” In one instance, the former cop’s 10-year-old son was present while he sexually assaulted her. The former Geary police officer was said to lock the two of them in a dark basement, threatening to kill her, and then take his own life.

kidnapped woman's wrists

Otterbine dismissed the accusations against him as being just “spats.” However, once while trapped in her alleged kidnapper’s car the victim was able to place a 911 call to police. She then managed to escape and fled to a bank which was two blocks away from Otterbine’s home. The woman was reportedly “battered and bruised” when the police arrived at the scene.

“Fortunately, the traumatized girl had the presence of mind to run for help after Otterbine got to his residence, and the pair exited the vehicle,” said Sheriff West.

According to his LinkedIn account, Otterbine was most recently employed by the Geary Police Department. A phone call to dispatch revealed that the officer had been let go sometime in the last two months. They referred all personnel questions to their human resources department.

Sheriff West expressed dismay at the ordeal that the young woman endured, but he was happy with the outcome. She fought back and escaped with her life.

“When investigators informed me of the details this poor girl had lived through, I was absolutely mortified, but elated she had survived.”