Leap Motion Brings In New 3D Interactive Technology

Leap seeks to discover new ways of interacting with your computer. In doing so, they have created the Leap Motion, a small, inconspicuous device that allows the user to interact with their computer in an entirely new way.

In an almost Iron Man-like way, the user can move objects around on the computer screen, using just their fingers.

The Inquisitr got the chance to sit down with Leap’s Vice President of Product Marketing, Michael Zagorsek, for a one-on-one session with the Leap Motion device during CES 2013.

The product uses 3D motion control technology to control the computer. The device doesn’t currently work with the operating system (meaning you cannot use it to open and close applications), but the San Francisco-based company also sent out 12,000 developer units out to help create an app store.

The applications will be specifically designed to work with Leap Motion, so that the user can interact with it using their fingers, instead of a keyboard.

Shortly before CES started, Leap announced one of its first global OEM partnerships. ASUS is planning on bundling the revolutionary Leap Motion controller with select new computers.

The partnership is an industry first and involves the computer company bundling the world’s most accurate 3D motion-control technology into new high-end notebooks. It will also be present in premium All-in-One (AiO) PCs later this year.

The device boasts precision and low latency, making the user feel like they are interacting with the computer on a different level.

The Leap Motion is currently available for pre-order for a very reasonable $69.99. Check out the videos below to see The Inquisitr writers interacting with Leap Motion, as well as a demonstration by Zagorsek.

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