Farrah Abraham’s Sponsor Stands Behind Her After Profanity-Laced Arrest In Beverly Hills

Don’t cry for Farrah Abraham. Even though the former Teen Mom OG star was arrested after a profanity-laced tirade against an officer in Beverly Hills, she’s not facing any sorts of repercussions for her actions, especially in the sponsorship department.

According to the Daily Mail, when word got out about Farrah Abraham’s arrest, one of the first people to jump to her defense was The Jessica Rich Collection, the clothing company that sponsored the adult entertainer for quite some time. Rich, herself, has made clear that she will continue to support Abraham personally and professionally, despite Abraham telling a Los Angeles police officer to “go f*** himself” during a recent arrest.

However, Rich made clear that she thinks that celebrities should always seek to present themselves in the best light possible “moving forward,” so it doesn’t sound like she’s giving Abraham unconditional support so much as the benefit of the doubt.

As is already common knowledge, Farrah Abraham was arrested last week at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Initially, the report was that Abraham had gotten into an altercation with some hotel guests, so a security guard asked her to leave.

It was at that point that she punched him in the face, prompting him to call the LAPD.

When the police arrived on the scene, Abraham insisted that she didn’t do anything wrong; that despite what the security guard was claiming, she neither struck nor injured anyone at the hotel.

Officers noticed that she was extremely drunk, so one of them took her wallet. It was only when her wallet was taken that she started to unleash a profanity-laced tirade against the officer, which prompted her formal arrest.

Initially, Abraham was held on $500 bail, but she was later released.

Today, she made her first appearance after her arrest: on the red carpet for the MTV Movie and TV Awards, where she wore a glittery tuxedo and appeared with her young daughter, Sophia.

Simon Saran, Abraham’s ex-boyfriend, took to social media to slam her after her arrest, calling her a “clown” and laughing at her misfortune.

Abraham went on to speak extensively about being “bullied” and “harassed” while she was being arrested.

Currently, Farrah Abraham has to answer to charges of misdemeanor battery and trespassing pursuant to a private person’s arrest.