Miranda Lambert’s Boyfriend Reportedly Calling His Estranged Wife Behind Her Back

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Miranda Lambert’s boyfriend, Evan Felker, has allegedly been going behind the singer’s back to contact his estranged wife, Staci Felker, and Miranda is reportedly furious about the betrayal.

According to a June 15 report by Radar Online, Miranda Lambert has ordered Evan Felker to cut off all contact with his estranged wife, Staci. Felker filed for divorce earlier this year, and was said to have blindsided his wife by announcing he wanted to end the marriage shortly after going on tour with Lambert in February.

Reports that Miranda and Evan had cheated on their significant others with each other began to circulate, and now Felker is waiting for his divorce from his estranged wife to be granted. During this time, Lambert is said to be demanding he have no contact with his former love. However, Evan reportedly went against Miranda’s wishes and called Staci anyway.

“He was trying to be nice and move the divorce along,” an insider revealed.

Meanwhile, Evan Felker’s wife, Staci, was allegedly not thrilled about the phone call. On the same day that Miranda Lambert’s boyfriend called his soon-to-be ex-wife, she posted a photo of a bottle of wine with the initials E and S separated by two swords and two hearts.

“The awkward coincidence phoning in on his big night. Hi baby, This is the wine I was served which is sorta perfect,” Felker captioned the photo with two heart emojis, adding, “Such is life. #evanfelker,” to the Instagram post.

Sources tell the outlet that Staci is tired of hearing about Miranda Lambert and Evan Felker and just wants a break from all of the drama. Meanwhile, the couple may be getting very serious.


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As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Miranda Lambert allegedly wants a baby with Evan Felker.

“While it’s only early days in her relationship with Evan, Miranda would love to have a baby with him. Miranda would like him to be divorced first, but the truth is she doesn’t really care that it’s not official yet. She’s really happy with Evan and sees herself building a life and a family with him. If Evan’s divorce ends up being drawn out and she were to get pregnant, she could give birth before it’s finalized and actually have a baby with a married man. Miranda is longing for a family of her own,” an insider previously told Life & Style Magazine.

Neither Miranda Lambert nor Evan Felker have publicly spoken about their relationship or his divorce.