Michael Cohen Likely To Flip On Trump As President Turns His Back On His Lawyer, ‘CBS News’ Reports

Eduardo Munoz Alvarez Getty Images

Michael Cohen could go from being the long time personal attorney and confidant to President Donald Trump, to the man who helps bring him down. CBS News conducted an exclusive report about Michael Cohen. According to the report, there is growing speculation that Cohen may become part of Donald Trump’s undoing.

Michael Cohen has been under scrutiny from federal prosecutors since his office was raided by the FBI on April 9. The FBI seized all of Michael Cohen’s records, hoping to find something linking to their ongoing investigation into collusion charges between Donald Trump and Russia.

Bank records and accounting statements were among the evidence found inside of Michael Cohen’s office. Cohen is now in hot water with federal prosecutors and could face time in prison, depending on how much evidence the prosecution has against him and Donald Trump.

According to a prior CBS News report, there is mounting pressure heaped on Michael Cohen. Federal prosecutors want Cohen to talk and offer up everything that he knows. One development taking place is that Michael Cohen will talk in order to save himself some prison time.

Fearing that Michael Cohen will speak to federal prosecutors, allies of President Donald Trump, including his new attorney, Rudy Giuliani, have gone on the offensive. Despite the reports that Michael Cohen will talk, Rudy Giuliani told Fox News that the speculation is false.

As the debate continues regarding which direction Michael Cohen is going to take with federal prosecutors, a stunning development took place on Wednesday. The development has created a stir.

Conflicting theories are beginning to take place in the wake of the New York Times report that Michael Cohen is in the search of a new attorney. Michael Cohen could no longer afford to keep the attorneys he had in place, therefore he has been forced to seek out new counsel.


This has led to speculation that Cohen will tell federal prosecutors what he knows about President Donald Trump’s affairs and practices. If Michael Cohen flips on Donald Trump, it could either bring down the president or forever taint his presidency.

More trouble looms for Michael Cohen if he is indeed facing jail time. Cohen’s lack of finances will affect his search for legal representation. Adding the possibility of jail time would leave Michael Cohen little choice but talk. What Cohen reveals to federal prosecutors will play a role in his penalties.

Discussions of President Donald Trump giving Michael Cohen a pardon have been silenced for now. In all likelihood, Donald Trump will wait out the process to decide how to handle the Michael Cohen situation going forward. If Michael Cohen reveals anything that could lead to criminal charges for Donald Trump, it will cease all possibility of the beleaguered former lawyer’s chances for a pardon.