’13 Reasons Why’ Star Anne Winters Teases Season 3 Storyline Possibilities, Thinks Abortion Will Be Discussed

Anne Winters’ character of Chloe dropped a bombshell in Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why when it came to Bryce and his trial: she was pregnant. Spoilers detail that this storyline will be addressed when Season 3 comes out on Netflix and the actress is opening up about where she thinks things will head.

Elite Daily talked with Anne Winters and her take on Chloe’s situation. 13 Reasons Why is all about addressing difficult topics, and Winters believes that the issue of abortion will be discussed when it comes to her character’s pregnancy.

As 13 Reasons Why viewers know, Chloe’s pregnancy came after she was in a relationship with Bryce, but had said no to having sex with him at one point and was subsequently raped by him. However, she lied in court, saying she had consented, and Bryce managed to skate by with virtually no punishment in his trial.

Winters says that she’s not sure which path Chloe will take with this pregnancy in Season 3. The 13 Reasons Why star says that she definitely believes they’ll address the possibility of getting an abortion and that Bryce and his parents will probably push for that. However, she also thinks that ultimately, Chloe may not be able to follow through with it.

The actress also noted to WFJA that she knows many are hoping that Chloe will see Bryce for who he really is and end their relationship. However, she’s not sure that’s happening anytime soon.

Season 3 of 13 Reasons Why will bring on a shift in storyline in many ways and there is no shortage of difficult topics to address given how the last episodes ended. Winters thinks that there may be some type of “triumph moment” on the way for Tyler and she believes that there may be a more “uplifting tone” ahead for the show overall with the Hannah-related storylines essentially wrapped up.

Of course, viewers shouldn’t expect the new episodes to be all sunshine and positivity. 13 Reasons Why, at its core, is focused on teen angst and there’s no shortage of places to explore on that front.

Some would say that it’ll be hard to be more explosive than what happened in Season 2 between Tyler and Montgomery. At the same time, this is a series that strives to be provocative and there’s no doubt that the writers and cast will find new ways to stun viewers and generate important discussions on controversial teen-related topics.

Will Anne Winters’ character of Chloe continue her pregnancy or get an abortion? What comes next for Tyler and others on the canvas? Fans have a while to wait before Season 3 of 13 Reasons Why becomes available on Netflix, but early spoilers indicate that the new episodes will be worth the wait.

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