Zach Galifianakis Shamelessly Exploits ‘Seinfeld’ Star Wayne Knight On ‘Between Two Ferns’

Stephen Lovekin/Jamie McCarthyGetty Images

What’s the deal with Between Two Ferns?

It’s been two years since Zach Galifianakis and the folks at Funny or Die released a new episode of the Emmy winning short Between Two Ferns. Today episode 21 was released and the unlucky man at the receiving end of Zach’s inappropriate line of questioning was none other than Jerry Seinfeld. Jerry was likely on the show to promote his new season of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee which debuts on Netflix July 6. As things always do on Between Two Ferns, the conversation was based solely around ripping Jerry’s career and making fun of the very thing he was there to promote.

In the beginning, Zach can be seen talking to someone off screen about his disappointment in having a ’90s star on his show. At first, Zach introduced Jerry as Jerry Sandusky before correcting himself back to Seinfeld. He then went on to joke about Jerry launching the career of so many white people and even took a dig at Michael Richards (Cosmo Kramer) stand-up incident when he shouted racial slurs at show attendee many years ago.

Michael wasn’t the only Seinfeld star Zach mentioned, and even brought out Wayne Knight who played Newman for a mini-reunion. Wayne uttered his famous Seinfeld line, “Hello, Jerry” to which Jerry replied with a “Hey Wayne,” taking the joke in a different direction than Zach had planned.


A very slimmed-down Knight was a pawn in Galifianakis’s lame cliche game to deliver one of the most overused lines in the history of Seinfeld, but since the spotlight had been off him for 20 years now, the squeaky Jurassic Park star seemed happy to oblige.

Zach also compared Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee to James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke skit and called the two segments “lazy car-based non-comedy,” to which Jerry had nothing more than an eye-roll to offer back. The sarcastic digs at the Netflix show were particularly funny as Zach will be a guest on this upcoming season. Hopefully, Jerry doesn’t take it easy on Zach when it’s his turn in the driver’s seat.

Jerry was eventually demoted to the right of the fern after Zach brought out international superstar Cardi B who probably had no idea where she was or what she was doing, but lovingly accepted a “gender-neutral” pink onesie gift from Zach. Cardi B even snuffed Jerry when she left by not saying goodbye and walking off stage.

Jerry, Wayne, and Cardi’s entire interview with Zach on Between Two Ferns can be seen below and it’s not for those who don’t appreciate sarcasm.