‘Little People, Big World’s’ Amy Roloff Gets Support Over Drama With Ex-Husband Matt & His New Girlfriend

Amy RoloffInstagram

Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff received fan support for the drama she has experienced over the past year regarding her tense relationship with ex-husband Matt and his girlfriend Caryn. Fans took to Instagram to flood the TLC reality star with support after she posted a sweet family photo of herself and two of her four children.

“Molly came to the farm for a short visit this past weekend and I was so excited and happy to see her. Love this girl. She’s doing awesome. She was here to see good friends for one is heading to NYC,” Roloff noted on the social media site.

The photo was taken in the Roloff home of Amy, Molly, and Jacob, who looked happy in the impromptu family photo. Fans were thrilled that Roloff shared this special family moment and took to the photo’s comments section to show their support.

“Do not move Amy, do not let ANYONE buy you out. That is your home. Matt was the one that made the situation what it is. The kids should understand and support you. I am very disappointed in Jeremy. Let Jeremy build a house on the farm. But you shouldn’t be expected to give up anything!! You already gave up so much being a great mom and wife. Hold your ground. Stay strong,” said one Instagram user.

Another commented, “I don’t blame Amy one bit for staying in her home. No dang way I’d ever allow Caryn the opportunity to live in the house and take over the farm she helped build from day one.”

Although Matt Roloff and Amy are divorced, they have been amicably working alongside one another as their family business continues to thrive. Despite this, Amy Roloff mused that she didn’t have a clear picture of “my future going ahead” in a recent episode of the TLC series.

Matt acknowledged that he, Amy, and Matt’s girlfriend Caryn Chandler needed to move forward past their differences in order for the business to continue to flourish. He explained that because Amy is a co-owner of the farm, she has to act “professionally” despite her feelings toward both him and Caryn. Amy is currently in a happy relationship with her boyfriend of more than a year, Chris Marek.

Matt and Amy maintain that both are uncertain where the future will take them; perhaps off the Roloff farm altogether. The reality stars, who once depicted a happy marriage on-camera, now have to make some hard decisions about their future as parents to their four children: Jeremy, Zach, Jacob, and Molly.

Little People, Big World airs on TLC.