‘Southern Charm’ Recap Of ‘Beer And Trembling’ [Spoilers]

On the last episode of Southern Charm, Thomas and his girlfriend went another round, and Ravenel’s girlfriend left Charleston alone for the winter holidays to her home in California. She suggested she might not come back, and Ravenel said he was fine, with that leaving her gobsmacked.

Tonight’s Episode 11 of Southern Charm starts off with Austen and Craig on a road trip to Greenville to visit his brand new beer before his tasting party. Craig is wearing what looks like a claw as a result of his tendon surgery and must now shake hands with his left hand, making introductions slightly awkward.

Austen and Craig arrive at the brewery, and the beer is a hit with Craig who is surprised that he likes the beer, seeing that he still only drinks “college” beer, which is frat house beer from a keg. Austen is happy with his fruity-nosed, yet-to-be-named beer that will be ready to roll for his debut party.

We briefly visit with Cameran, who is announcing that baby Palmer is going to be a “one and done.” She explains that no other humans will be birthed through her body. She tells her mom that breastfeeding has been rough, and she is making too much milk for one baby.

Craig and Kathryn meet for coffee and talk about her job, which she loves, and how she is even getting support from Thomas, especially now that he is out from under the thumb of his girlfriend, who is still on holiday. He even texts her the Rudyard Kipling poem “If” about shrugging off people who are out of control and rising above them. Kathryn is flattered, but she tells Craig it’s just more mind games. Kathryn wonders what he is up to with his girlfriend because he is usually “cheap as f**k.”

She adds that money is his favorite means of control, and recalls all of the promises Ravenel made in the past and that he kept none of them. Craig adds that considering she still has no job, he doesn’t see her getting one anytime soon.

Next, we go to a jeweler, where Thomas and Whitney are doing a bit of shopping. This is teasing the idea that Thomas might buy his estranged girlfriend a ring after being together for two months. He assures Whitney it would be a Ravenel signet ring as a promise ring and not an engagement ring. Whitney looks at Thomas like he is out of his mind. Thomas says he’s still unsure if he should dump her or ask her to marry him.

Potential couple alert! Shep and Kathryn have a bowling date, which starts with Shep doing a PG-rated striptease. Tonight we learn that Shep and Kathryn were more than a one-time thing, as they have continued to “hook up.” The chemistry is undeniable, and besides being on Southern Charm, these two like each other and have never had a falling out. Stay tuned for their next date.

The rest of the episode is devoted to Austen’s party and the prep for Austen’s party. Everyone is coming, including Thomas and his plus-one, who admit that things are going badly. Thomas is not feeling optimistic.

“I don’t things have improved, and perhaps they’ve regressed.”

Austen sets up his party to debut his beer, and friends and family start to arrive. He wants them to help him name his brew which has citrus notes including grapefruit. Austen’s Awesome Ale?

JD is there early, plausibly for the free beer, and Chelsea arrives soon after. It’s easy to see that poor Victoria is on her way out of the door. Even Austen’s family is into Miss Chelsea.

Thomas arrives with his date, and a dark cloud is looming. Each of them mentions to others that they have been fighting. Ravenel’s girlfriend tells him to stop staring at Kathryn.

Thomas’ “Cali Girl” tells Craig that things aren’t going well, and while she flirts, Craig looks like he wants to be somewhere else.

As Austen’s party winds down, it’s obvious that his relationship with Victoria is coming to an end. Bravo says that despite the fact that Austen met Victoria through Chelsea, the two women now have awkward interactions.

The episode ends with the party, but in the scenes from next week, Austen reveals that as the evening wrapped up, Victoria threw a beer in his face, and he sent her home, blocking her on his phone.

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