Mom Charged With Twins’ Death, Left Them Alone To Find Marijuana

A mother of twin boys was formally charged with their deaths on Thursday after she repeatedly left the small children home alone. 32-year-old Dalawna Berran-Lett left her twin boys at home this week so she could hunt down her teen daughter after she stole her moms pot stash.

Dalawna returned home after what she claimed was “20 minutes” to discover the house on fire and her babies dead.

Police have charged Dalawna with involuntary manslaughter over the deaths of boys, Ky’heir and Dy’heir.

Officers believe that the 3-year-old boys attempted to use the oven to cook a meal, but instead started a fire.

Police claim that Dalawna also left her boys home alone months ago. During the first incident the boys also tried to use the stove to cook food, nearly burning down the house at that time. According to the original report the 3-year-olds were attempting to cook ribs.

While many of us are likely enraged by this story TheStir writer Kiri Blakeley partially defends the Dalawna:

“…There comes a time when you choose your kids over your pot. However, I hope she’s given some leniency and doesn’t spend the rest of her life in jail, because she must realize the enormity of the mistake she made. Especially when you consider that women who deliberately kill their children often get off with much less.”

I would say “off with her head” but that seems a bit dramatic, not to mention nowhere near as painful as the death her three-year-old boys suffered while being burned to death in an easily avoidable house fire.

Where do you stand on this side of the argument? Should Dalawna Berran-Lett be sentenced to life in prison or do you agree with Blakeley’s assessment?