Fake Moon Landing And Other Conspiracy Theories Are Being Taught By NJ University Professor

Krista Clark

When Benny Koval started attending William Paterson University of New Jersey, the last thing she expected was to hear one of the school's professors teaching conspiracy theories, including the one that says the moon landing was faked, as truth. The teacher at the center of the problem is Clyde Magarelli. He teaches a course titled "Social Problems" at the university and has done so since 1967. When Koval reported Magarelli, she learned that she was not the first to file a complaint. Someone else complained about the content of his lectures back in 1994.

The fake moon landing is just one of the conspiracy theories the professor allegedly teaches as truth. According to the New York Post, he also teaches that the Gestapo, Nazi Germany's secret police, didn't torture people until near the end of World War II. On the subject of WWII, the student newspaper, The Beacon, reported in 1994 that he also teaches that the number of people killed by the Holocaust has been greatly exaggerated and is closer to between 700,000 and 800,000 than it is to the around 6 million that is commonly reported. He was reportedly investigated at that time. It's unknown what, if any, consequences the university gave him for his behavior.

Benny provided videos of Magarelli teaching. In them, he says of the moon landing, "We can't land on it and get back. We've never landed on it. You didn't know that?"

According to Magarelli, we've also been lied to about slavery. Africans were not the first slaves in America according to him, the Irish were. The truth is that the Irish were indentured servants, something different from slaves. The argument that the Irish were slaves has been disproven by Irish experts.

Benny Koval expressed her disappointment in her freshman year at William Paterson University.

"It was very unfortunate, but most of all it was a waste of my time and money. It was incredibly frustrating going to a public university for a taxpayer-funded education and I'm learning about how the moon landing was faked."