Former ‘Bachelor’ Sean Lowe Proves He Really Does Love His Firstborn Son After All

Sean Lowe is now a dad of two little boys who help to keep him and his wife, Catherine, quite busy. The former Bachelor star also has a quirky sense of humor and uses it to post what some would call “outrageous” things on social media. Most of them are quips about his family of four. Ever since his second child, Isaiah, was born, he has been joking on how he favors him instead of firstborn Samuel. Sometimes people can get rather upset about it, despite the fact that he is really joking around. In one of his most recent Instagram posts, he proves that he does indeed adore Samuel just as much as Isaiah.

Lowe is a hands-on dad, as seen in many photos that he and Catherine Lowe posts. They are both active on social media. His wife is used to his weird sense of humor. However, others who read what he writes are sometimes shocked that he would diss one of his kids. In a sweet and funny Instagram photo he sent out on Friday, the 34-year-old former reality star is seen holding his 1-month-old son in his arms, and of course he jokingly added how much he adores this child of his.

“I never knew how much I could love a child until Isaiah came into my life.”

Most of his fans know that this is just his humorous side talking, but others don’t get it. Some are angry that he would even say such a thing. It was even said that his sarcasm was very cruel. Some of the comments between his followers became tense at times, but that seems to be what happens when any celebrity posts anything that could be even slightly misunderstood.

So, he decided to put things to rest and let the world know that he really does have a fondness for Samuel after all. In his next Instagram post, he had a video of him and Samuel playing around in the bedroom. The giggles coming from the little guy says it all. Sean’s caption read, “Okay, okay… I love him.”

If that wasn’t cute enough, there is an extra photo for good measure of the father-son duo. Sean is kissing Samuel’s cheek and his son has a big smile on his face. That pretty much says it all.

Catherine and Sean Lowe have enough love in their hearts for both of their boys, and maybe a few more as well. They recently revealed that they are seriously considering adopting a child or two in the future to add to their growing family.

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