Nintendo Switch Games 2018: Blockbuster Titles Coming To Nintendo’s Hybrid Console

Nintendo hit gold when it introduced the Nintendo Switch to the world last year. Since its release in March 2017, the Switch has added a decent amount of games to its arsenal and that number just keeps growing. More and more game developers are jumping to the Nintendo Switch-bandwagon, making the hybrid console even more valuable to owners and future owners. Some games coming to the Nintendo Switch are FIFA 19, Minecraft Bedrock Edition, and the three new Pokemon games that were recently announced to the public.

According to the International Business Times, EA released information about FIFA 19 at the E3 conference. The game developer announced that the latest edition of the football game series will be released on the Switch. Even more good news was disclosed at the conference as it was made clear that Switch players could now play FIFA 19 with their friends online.

Besides FIFA 19, another highly-anticipated game coming to the Switch is Minecraft. The sandbox game is still a powerhouse in the gaming industry and will be coming out on the Switch by the end of June. iMore explains that Mojang has finally found a singular codebase for Minecraft called the Bedrock Update. With Bedrock, Minecraft gamers can now cross-play between platforms. Plus, all Minecraft players will be able to receive the same updates, regardless of the type of device they are using. Minecraft for the Nintendo Switch is now available for pre-order and is set for release on June 21, 2018.

News of Minecraft‘s Bedrock Update and FIFA 19‘s new Online Friendlies feature may be exciting for Nintendo Switch fans. But it seems the internet cannot stop talking about the three new Pokemon games Nintendo recently announced it would be releasing.

Pokemon Let’s Go seems to be on everyone’s mind right now, especially for those still play Niantic’s popular augmented reality game. After all, Pokemon Go and Let’s Go are said to be tied to one another. Gamers can expect Pokemon Let’s Go to be released on or by November 16, 2018 on the Switch.

Besides Pokemon Let’s Go, Switch gamers can also look forward to Pokemon Quest and a third RPG Pokemon game. According to Eurogamer, Pokemon Quest is already available on the Switch. Meanwhile, the Pokemon RPG does not have a title yet and is expected to be released late in 2019.

As the Nintendo Switch continues to rise in popularity, more game developers will probably be interested in creating something for the hybrid console. However, there are still some game creators who don’t see a future with Nintendo’s hybrid console, despite its growing popularity. There are some game developers who seem interested in investing some time on the Nintendo Switch but must solve some compatibility issues first. For instance, Team Ninja seems to be interested in releasing Dead or Alive 6 on the Switch but must solve certain technical problems before the game is released on Nintendo’s portable console.