Justin Trudeau Barely Contained Laughter As He Gave Trump A Framed Photo Of His Grandfather’s Canadian Brothel

Justin Trudeau seemed to stifle a smile as he gave a very special present to Donald Trump: a framed picture of the first hotel that his grandfather, Friedrich Trump, opened in Canada.

The hotel also happened to be a brothel.

As the Washington Examiner noted, the Canadian Prime Minister gave Trump the gift as they met at the G7 summit this week. The hotel opened by Friedrich Trump in British Columbia was the start of the Trump family real estate empire, and both Donald Trump and the White House seemed happy with the gift, even bragging about it on Twitter.

“Great moment between @JustinTrudeau and @POTUS when he gave him picture of the President’s grandfather’s hotel in Canada. #G72018,” a tweet from the White House read.

But many soon pointed out that the hotel also served as a brothel. Donald Trump had claimed it was never a brothel, though historians disagree, and the Washington Examiner noted that Justin Trudeau seemed to barely contain his laughter as he gave it to Trump.

The trolling gesture could have played a part in the bad blood that would follow the initial meeting. Trump publicly chaffed with other members of the G7, including his refusing to sign a joint agreement to limit tariffs and other trade barriers.

Justin Trudeau and other leaders have attacked Trump for levying steep trade tariffs on Canada and European nations, despite being allies of the United States. After leaving the summit, Trump took aim at Trudeau’s remarks on Twitter.

“PM Justin Trudeau of Canada acted so meek and mild during our G7 meetings only to give a news conference after I left saying that, ‘US tariffs were kind of insulting’ and he ‘will not be pushed around.’ Very dishonest and weak. Our tariffs are in response to his of 270% on dairy!”

This was not the only viral slight from Justin Trudeau to Donald Trump during the G7 summit, though the other was less intentional. The two leaders also stood side-by-side for a photo of the world leaders together, showing that Trudeau is visibly taller than Donald Trump. Trudeau is listed as 6-foot-2 while Trump was actually listed on his official White House physical as 6-foot-3. Had Trump been just one inch shorter — and compared to Trudeau, he appears to be at least two inches shorter than his listed height — Trump would have been officially classified as obese rather than overweight.

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