‘Green Lantern’ Writer Responds To That ‘Deadpool 2’ End-Credit Scene

This article contains major spoilers for Deadpool 2.

Those who have seen Deadpool 2 know the movie takes major digs at anyone and everyone, but the biggest backhands came during the film’s end credit scene. No one was safe from Ryan Reynolds sarcasm, not even himself. According to Comic Book, Green Lantern writer Marc Guggenheim has finally responded to the biggest dig of all regarding his own movie.

At the film’s conclusion, Cable’s time traveling device appears to be out of power and of no further use until Deadpool has Negasonic Teenage Warhead and her girlfriend, Yukio, fix the device allowing Wade Wilson to travel back in time and fix some wrongs. Deadpool saves Vanessa from her murder, but then takes on some bigger undoings afterward.

First, Wade travels back in time to X-Men Origins: Wolverine and kills himself in his former Deadpool form. For his final act, Wade then travels back in time to visit Ryan Reynolds in 2011 who is holding the script for Green Lantern. Reynolds is overly excited about the script, unaware of the complete bashing he and the movie would take by critics and moviegoers when it was released. Deadpool shoots Reynolds in the back of the head to prevent the movie from ever happening.

No one from Green Lantern production has spoken out about the end-credit scene until now, as Guggenheim admitted to finally seeing Deadpool 2. Instead of getting offended and coming after Reynolds, the writer saw it all in good fun.

“Just saw Deadpool 2. Well played, @VancityReynolds. Well played. #GreenLantern,” he tweeted.

Guggenheim’s tweet was well received by fans, who retweeted it almost a hundred times and honored it with 1,300 likes. Reynolds has not yet responded to the tweet.

Four writers pulled together the Green Lantern script, with Guggenheim penning alongside Greg Berlanti, Michael Green, and Michael Goldenberg. Reynolds explained that the issues with Green Lantern came from the script, which wasn’t even complete when shooting for the 2011 film began. The script wasn’t fully complete until halfway through filming which caused major issues, ultimately resulting in a horribly received movie.

Reynolds’ jab at Green Lantern came as no surprise since the Merc with a Mouth went after his own film in the first Deadpool installment. Fans will remember that Wade Wilson joked about not wanting a suit that was green or animated when he was going in for experimental surgery to heal his cancer.

Deadpool 2 is currently in theaters worldwide.

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