All The 'Anthem' Information From EA Play: Javelins, Combo Attacks, No Loot Boxes, Release Date, And More

Scott Grill

Electronic Arts put Anthem at the forefront of its EA Play pre-E3 conference Saturday. The upcoming BioWare shared world shooter was used to tease the audience in the opening and get them to sit through to the end. The game appears to have delivered on expectations with a giant load of information for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC fans to absorb.

Players take on the role of Freelancers who defend Fort Tarsis from an age-old enemy called the Dominion, as well as other dangers. This Dominion has discovered a way to weaponize the "Anthem of Creation" and the Freelancers must stop them.

The Ranger is a generalized suit designed for up-close and personal combat. It has a large club like melee weapon plus an ultimate that fires an arsenal of missiles.

The Colossus is the heavy suit that brings the big guns to the fight, like a mortar. It is also capable of deploying a shield to protect itself against heavy damage, while its melee ability is a ground slam that does damage to multiple enemies in an area.

Not much was shown of the Interceptor beyond it being a lighter, more maneuverable Javelin. The exosuit was not present in the four-player Anthem gameplay segment.

Meanwhile, the Storm suit appears to utilize an electromagnetic field to hover and fly plus suggested unknown electricity-based abilities. The gameplay trailer does show a Destiny-like blink ability to quickly teleport a short distance.

Players will be able to freely swap between the different Javelin types in Anthem, but only outside of missions. This means only one character will need to be created to get access to everything.

Anthem is designed out of the box to be a co-op experience. The game can be played solo, but will be more difficult. However, Fort Tarsis will serve as a solo hub like the Base of Operations in The Division. The Fort will be there for narrative purposes, though the vendor setup is unknown.

BioWare clearly plans to make combo attacks a major portion of the game to use against tough enemies and likely bosses. There's no word on how many interesting combos can be built around the different Javelin skill trees.

Executive Produce Mark Darrah, unfortunately, confirmed there will be no underwater combat in Anthem during an interview with Game Informer. The underwater sections of the game are for travel only.

The method of purchasing cosmetics is not clear at the moment beyond BioWare saying loot boxes won't be a factor. There are still many months to go before the studio settles on a monetization method and provides those details to fans, however.

The game is clearly running on a high-end PC during the gameplay demo and looks impressive. How much of that translates to the consoles remains to be seen.