WWE News: Shawn Michaels Once Again Talks About Returning To The Ring For One More Match

The word “retirement” hardly ever means for good in the world of professional wrestling, but Shawn Michaels is one of those guys who actually seems to be honoring it. His last match was more than eight years when he lost to The Undertaker at WrestleMania XXVI, and he’s never set foot in a ring as an active competitor again. Despite the fact that it has been close to a decade since he last wrestled, HBK is finally hinting that he may have one more match in him.

For years, fans have wanted Michaels to get back in the ring for one more match. Rumors have constantly swirled that he would wrestle again in a match against John Cena or AJ Styles or one of the other new stars, but he’s always confirmed that he’s retired and no going to wrestle again.

Oddly enough, he’s now commenting as if he would give it one more go and wrestle one more match, but that doesn’t mean he will do it. Michaels, who is now a coach at the WWE Performance Center, recently told Sky Sports that he would take a look at a “one-off” kind of thing and it riled fans up.

Now, he’s commented on it a second time in the course of a week and one has to wonder why he’s talking about it again.

As WWE continues its push for a 2018 Emmy nomination, they are bringing out the big guns to promote the company. As reported by Wrestling Inc., Shawn Michaels appeared on the Red Carpet Report and he was asked about wrestling again. While he didn’t necessarily confirm it, he did hint at there being a chance.

“I’m always humbled and very flattered the fact that after all these years people still believe enough in my ability to still do it. Look, there’s a part of me that knows I could, but at the same time this is a young man’s game. I love the fact that the future of the WWE is in such good, capable hands. It’s a pleasure for me to watch it and go forward. As much as it would be enjoyable to [wrestle], I’m more excited in seeing these young men take WWE into the future.”

Obviously, Michaels isn’t going to come right out and say he would wrestle again as that would start a huge ordeal in the Internet Wrestling Community. It’s just odd that he’s always shot down the idea of coming back for even one more match, but now, he’s said that he’s open to it twice in one week.

The former multi-time world champion said that today’s superstars jump in and out of reality and the ring and their person and he isn’t sure he “would have adjusted to that.”

His last match was another great one against The Undertaker and it was honestly a great way for him to have a send-off and retire from the ring. Shawn Michaels will always go down as one of the greatest performers in wrestling history even if he never even appears on WWE television again. Still, fans have always had that slight bit of hope that he’d have one more match and now, he’s just adding fuel to the fire.

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