A Pet Crocodile Ate A Dog That Had Tormented Her For Years, In Front Of Horrified Onlookers

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A pet crocodile in Australia ate a pet dog that had tormented it for years, as onlookers watched in horror, Yahoo News is reporting.

From the Inquisitr’s “Things That Only Happen In Australia” news desk comes the story of Pippa, a golden terrier, and Casey, a saltwater crocodile. For years, it seems, the two pets – yes, apparently someone thought it a good idea to keep a croc as a pet – would play a game of sorts. As ABC News Australia reported back in 2017, every morning Kai Hansen would throw a piece of frozen barramundi (a type of sea bass) in Casey’s general direction. The reptile would come out of the water and snap it up, and Casey would rush at him, barking and carrying on, and chase him back into the river. Laughs ensued. An ABC News Australia reporter wrote about how amusing it was to see.

“Incredibly, right before our eyes, the crocodile swiftly slides back into the water, as if he were frightened of an animal he could snap up in a second.”

Once word got out about the daily “show,” Australians began heading out to the remote island where Kai and his menagerie lived, in order to watch the morning David-vs.-Goliath battles.

After a decade, Goliath decided she’d had enough.


In front of a crowd of curiosity-seekers, Pippa chased down Casey for what would be the final time. Apparently either sick of being the butt of a decade-long joke, this time Casey chomped Pippa and dragged her into the water. And it was captured on video; however, the Inquisitr will not show the video here due to the fact that it’s, well, horrifying beyond words. If you want to see it yourself you can click on this link.

Owner Kai, for his part, doesn’t blame Casey for what happened.

“[She] did what crocs do. It was something that had a high probability of happening sometime.”

Neither does crocodile expert Adam Britton.

“The dog got right up close to the crocodile’s head. That basically triggers a reflex reaction, and a crocodile, if you get that close to its head, it doesn’t even think about it—it will just strike.”

Hansen, for his part, waxes poetic about his failure to protect Pippa.

“A little terrier should not do things like that. But should I stop her? I don’t know, she got away with it for 10 years.”

Hansen admits that he won’t allow his next pet dog anywhere near Casey.