Michael Porter Jr. Takes A Physical With The Chicago Bulls And Infuriates Other NBA Teams

NBA draft prospect Michael Porter Jr. could possibly have the Chicago Bulls in his sights, while leaving other NBA teams out in the cold. Michael Porter Jr.’s decision regarding how he will distribute his medical information is creating a stir across the NBA. It has left a few teams infuriated by Michael Porter Jr. and his ongoing process leading up to the NBA draft.

If Michael Porter Jr. somehow falls to the Chicago Bulls who pick No. 7 in the upcoming NBA draft, a recent report could be the reason for it. St. Louis Post-Dispatch is reporting that Porter Jr. agreed to take a physical for the Chicago Bulls.

Thus far, the only NBA team to get Michael Porter Jr. to take a physical was the Chicago Bulls. No other team will be able to run a medical checkup on the Missouri star during the draft process. Barring a sudden change of heart, Porter Jr. will stick to this plan. It is something that has drawn the ire of one team specifically.

According to Sac Royalty, the Sacramento Kings are livid about Michael Porter Jr.’s choice to only allow the Bulls to conduct a full medical checkup. The Sacramento Kings are one of several teams that have been intrigued by the upside of Michael Porter Jr.

Michael Porter Jr. has fielded questions about his back for months. Back in November, SB Nation reported that Porter Jr. had microdiscectomy surgery. He has had to sit out for several months. NBA teams hoping to get a look at Michael Porter Jr. have been leery about the injury and they might get scared off.

In the case of the Sacramento Kings, they currently hold the No. 2 pick in the NBA draft. Taking Michael Porter Jr. that high would be a stretch at this point, but it would be in the Kings’ best interest to look at him.

In order for any NBA team to take a gander at Michael Porter Jr., they will have to travel to Chicago in order to do so. It leaves many to speculate that the Chicago Bulls may have an inside track on drafting Porter Jr. unless another team beats them to the punch.

Michael Porter Jr. will conduct a Pro Day in Chicago, where he now resides next week. There are going to be a handful of NBA teams in attendance to watch him work out.

The Memphis Grizzlies are among the teams which will be on hand. They will likely be joined by the Sacramento Kings, Atlanta Hawks, and Chicago Bulls among others. Given Michael Porter Jr.’s decision to only allow the Bulls to run a medical check on him, the Bulls somewhat hold the ball in their court.

Teams will have to trust the accuracy of the Chicago Bulls’ medical report on Michael Porter Jr. It is not an easy proposition for one of the NBA’s most cryptic teams. If Porter Jr. has a clean bill of health, it would work against the Bulls to share that information.

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