Ted Turner’s Son To Face Stephen Colbert’s Sister In Congressional Race

Ted Turner’s son is signing on for a congressional run in South Carolina, setting up a possible race of famous celebrity kin.

Teddy Turner, son of media mogul Ted Turner, has decided to run for the congressional seat left open when its occupant was given a US Senate appointment.

Though Ted Turner leans more to the left, his son ended up a Republican — something the family has joked about.

“My dad asked, ‘What’s the minimum amount I can give because you’re a Republican?’ ” said Ted Turner’s son. “My dad has been asking for years, ‘How the heck did you become so conservative?’ ”

The race appears to be crowded, with at least 10 Republicans and two Democrats slated to run in the March 19 primary. More than a few of them are celebrities, political or otherwise. The race has attracted former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, a Republican trying to make his political comeback after a public affair while in office.

Also running against Ted Turner’s son is Stephen Colbert’s sister, who is seeking the Democratic nod.

Colbert’s sister is more than just a famous sibling. She serve as director of business development for the Clemson University Restoration Institute, which is leading a project to build a wind turbine drivetrain testing facility in North Charleston, South Carolina.

“She does have a famous brother, but she has a great story to tell,” her new campaign manager, Bill Romjue, told The State. “She’s a very successful woman.”

Ted Turner’s son said his biggest concern is the federal budget deficit, and told The Associated Press that he decided to enter the race after talking with the former representative for the seat, Republican Tim Scott.

“That’s been a huge focus and what really pushed me over the edge,” said Ted Turner’s son Teddy. “There is a window of opportunity to talk common sense before it all starts to scatter and shatter. We have a short time to do that. The politicians are not getting it done.”