Stephen Colbert’s Sister Running For Congress In South Carolina

Stephen Colbert’s sister will do what her famous brother has only hinted at — she’s running for office.

While Stephen Colbert has made a few tongue-in-cheek references on his Comedy Central show to running for an open Senate seat in South Carolina or entering the Republican primary in that state, his sister decided she actually will run for Congress. Democrat Elizabeth Colbert-Busch said that she will run for a vacant Congressional seat in South Carolina.

Stephen Colbert’s sister actually connects back to the Comedy Central host in her hope for election, Reuters noted. Several fans encouraged him to put his name in for the state’s open Senate seat after Republican Jim DeMint retired. Ultimately Governor Nikki Haley selected Congressman Tim Scott.

Stephen Colbert’s sister is now running for Scott’s vacant seat.

She hasn’t yet filed the paperwork necessary to enter the race, the but state’s Democratic chairwoman said Colbert’s sister will do so on Tuesday.

Stephen Colbert’s sister is more than just a famous sibling in her home state. She is director of business development for the Clemson University Restoration Institute, which is leading a project to build a wind turbine drivetrain testing facility in North Charleston, South Carolina.

“She does have a famous brother, but she has a great story to tell,” her new campaign manager, Bill Romjue, tells The State. “She’s a very successful woman.”

Stephen Colbert’s sister isn’t the only famous family member to vie for the seat, NPR noted. Another person expressing interesting in running for South Carolina’s First Congressional District is Teddy Turner, son of Ted Turner.