'A Star Is Born' Trailer Features Country Crooning Duet Between Bradley Cooper & Lady Gaga

Kathryn Cook

The third remake of the film A Star is Born is set to be released in October and it could be the best one yet.

Warner Brothers recently released the first trailer for the film and the cast does not disappoint with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper at the forefront of the cast. The film features a few other big names with Sam Elliott, comedian Dave Chappelle, and Andrew Dice Clay also starring in the movie. Cooper plays the role of Jackson Maine, a popular veteran country singer, and it should also be noted that the 43-year-old also directed the film. Lady Gaga shows off her acting chops in the role of Ally.

The trailer begins with fans waving a variety of flags in jam-packed audience as Cooper strums the guitar and sings a ballad. He totally looks the part of a country superstar with a full beard and mustache as well as long, slicked-back hair. Later in the trailer, Gaga takes the stage and then the camera goes to a discussion that she and Cooper are having about her talents.

"I don't sing my own songs," she confesses, saying that people have told her that they like the way she sounds but they don't like the way she looks.

But Cooper hits back saying, "I think you're beautiful."

The trailer then shows the pair falling in love, with Cooper eventually convincing Gaga to take the stage with him and, thus, a star is born. The rest of the trailer alternates between clips of Cooper and Gaga and their love life as well as the highs and lows that come with fame.

"This looks sooo good, and Gaga is perfect for her role. Brad is gonna kill it as always as well."

A Star is Born hits theaters in October.