Ginnifer Goodwin Shows Off Her Multi-Million Dollar Hollywood Home

Ginnifer Goodwin

Hollywood actress Ginnifer Goodwin has been showing off her luscious home to Elle magazine, and it looks like she has spent her money well.

Goodwin, who plays Snow White in Once Upon A Time, let the publication explore her two-bedroom abode in Whitley Heights, which is located in Hollywood Hills, and they described it as “cozy” and “unpretentious.”

The 34-year-old who hails from Memphis, stated, “I want, walking in, to feel like it’s the kind of place where people stop by unannounced and it’s hard to get them to leave.”

“This is my sacred space, my heaven, my oasis,” added the actress.”When people come over, we make noble plans to walk to the movies or bum around Amoeba Music but end up sitting here, kibitzing all night.”

Previous occupants of the home include Charlie Chaplin, Rachel Bilson, Rose McGowan, and Busy Philipps, who she bought the home from in 2007. Goodwin, who is still unmarried, has starred in the likes of He’s Just Not That Into You, Walk The Line, and HBO’s Big Love.

Goodwin also showed off her £900 brass wall sconces, a 150-year-old blue and cream William Morris wallpaper, and a huge collection of William Shakespeare books. To which Ginnifer added, “I’m a Shakespeare whore.”

The home was also decorated by a selection of Kathleen Lolley’s owl art, and other pieces of furniture that were selected by the designer Amy Kehoe.

Goodwin is currently dating Josh Dallas, who plays Prince Charming in Once Upon A Time. What do you think of Goodwin’s home?