Jill Duggar Accused Of Neglecting Her Sons After Posting Instagram Photo

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Jill Duggar remains under intense scrutiny despite no longer being associated with the TLC network or Counting On. The young mother has been making headlines over the last few months, most of them because of things she has shared on social media. Duggar has to rely on her own popularity now that she isn’t filming for TLC, and despite her best efforts to showcase cute moments, she is getting trashed anyway.

According to Cafe Mom, Jill Duggar is being trashed because her children are too pale. The comments on the photo weren’t all negative, but there were some that were incredibly harsh. Duggar has been sharing her life via her blog and social media since cutting ties with Counting On. Without the reality television income, they have to figure out what is next.

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Derick Dillard cost the family their reality television income, but Jill doesn’t seem to mind too much. Duggar has not commented on the loss of the show or spoken out against her husband. She has been incredibly supportive of him, something that is in line with what Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have taught their children. The woman is to support her husband and back him. She is never to speak out of turn or criticize him at all. Jill has been standing by Dillard at every turn.

This is not the first time Jill Duggar has come under fire for photos of her children. She has been accused of abuse because of blanket training, something that has been taught by one of the men the Duggars look up to. There has also been an incident where Duggar used a tortilla to shade her son’s head. While it was meant as a cute photo, critics went wild about it. Jill has been incredibly hands-on with her children, especially her oldest son.

The future is uncertain for Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard. They have not let fans in on any plans since cutting ties with TLC. Recently, the Inquisitr reported that Dillard made his Twitter feed private in order to monitor who sees what he posts. Social media has plagued both parents, but they continue to use it. Despite the accusations that Jill is neglecting her children, fans are standing behind her. Duggar has become a target because of her husband’s views and the family’s celebrity status. Even without filming the show, Jill and Derick seem to be drawing in plenty of attention.