Kelly Clarkson Jokes Her Made-Up Face Is ‘Fake News’

Kelly Clarkson is joking that her face full of makeup is “fake news.” The former American Idol winner spoke out about the entertainment industry being so obsessed with appearances in a new interview with People, where she confessed that she doesn’t put so much stock in the way she looks and focuses more on inner beauty.

“This is actual fake news,” Clarkson joked of her made-up face and glamorous hair, as she revealed that she’s happy to show the real her underneath all the glamour.

“I think that sometimes Hollywood can be very ‘Oh, we don’t want people to see what we really look like. That’ll be the death of you or something,'” Clarkson continued, “And it’s like, ‘Whatever!’ Everybody poops. Everybody burps. Everybody’s the same.”

The star confessed that she’s trying to instill that message in her own children, 3-year-old daughter River Rose and 2-year-old Remington, as well as her stepchildren from husband Brandon Blackstock, Savannah and Seth.

Kelly told the magazine during the candid new interview that she and her husband try not compliment their kids too much regarding their appearances, instead focusing on what’s on the inside by praising them on other things such as their intelligence and sense of humor.

“If they look handsome or beautiful, obviously we’ll say that,” Kelly told People, “but I’m really adamant about everyone around us always saying like ‘God, you’re clever. You’re smart. You’re witty, you’re funny … all the other things that make character.”

Clarkson’s latest confessions about focusing more on inner beauty come shortly after the “Since U Been Gone” singer shared a time-lapse video of herself in the makeup chair at The Voice getting all glammed up for the big finale before her act Brynn Cartelli was crowned Season 14’s winner.

As Inquisitr reported last week, the video showed Kelly going from no-makeup to a full face of glamorous makeup and big bouncy hair, which caused one of the star’s followers to respond on Twitter, “What was wrong with you BEFORE all the makeup? NOTHING #TeamNatural.”

Kelly then hit back by making it clear that she loves the no makeup look, opting to go all natural in her everyday life but enjoys going a little more glam for her job.

“Absolutely nothing is wrong with natural,” Clarkson responded to the fan on the social media site. “I sport it every day of my life unless I’m working because at the end of the day I grew up in musical theatre and I love dress up and costumes y’all.”

Kelly explained her decision to post the video during an appearance on Today, revealing that she did it because she wanted to be honest and open and that it took a whole glam squad team to get her looking so glam.

Kelly Clarkson jokes about her face with makeup being "fake news"

The video came shortly after Kelly joked about her talented team while discussing her recent weight loss.

After showing off her amazing figure on social media and The Voice, per People, and being asked about her new look, Kelly teased that she had recently hired both Harry Potter and SPANX to do some magic. She then added that she needed to give “a shout out” to her talented squad of hair and makeup people for her transformation after showing off her more glam side.

As Inquisitr reported at the time, it was announced last month that Clarkson will be back for more action on The Voice later this year for Season 15, where she’ll be joining Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, and Jennifer Hudson as coaches.