Kelly Clarkson Reacts To Comments About Glam Makeover

Kelly Clarkson recently shared a makeup video that showed how much time goes into getting her glam-ready for the season finale of the current season of The Voice. Her goal was to show that nobody really looks that way without some major help from a stylist. Clarkson set the makeup makeover to the first single by The Voice Season 14 winner Brynn Cartelli called “Walk My Way.”

But not all of Clarkson’s fans were so impressed by her glam look at the end of the video, saying that it’s more impressive to tell others that you are just fine the way you are without the addition of makeup. A fan on Twitter asked Kelly what’s wrong with a natural look.

“What was wrong with you BEFORE all the makeup? NOTHING #TeamNatural ”

Clarkson answered that nothing was wrong and that most of her life is spent “Au natural.”

“Absolutely nothing is wrong with natural. I sport it every day of my life unless I’m working because at the end of the day I grew up in musical theatre and I love dress up and costumes y’all.”

Clarkson was trying to make the statement that people shouldn’t judge how people look because makeup changes everything.

Kelly Clarkson told Today that she had the video done in an effort to support transparency and let fans know that she looks very different before the makeup artist gets there. Clarkson went from “fresh-faced” to fully glam, courtesy of Glo Glo Makeup. For the finale of The Voice Kelly Clarkson wore a red sequinned gown by London designer Ashish who has designed for the singer before.

Clarkson said she particularly wants young girls to know that nobody shows up looking like this.

“Me and my glam squad decided to show people the before/after so every little girl out there knows that no one really looks like this without a great team and magic.”

Clarkson says that it has always been her goal to remain confident no matter what. She says she has been criticized for everything from her weight to how she wears her hair, and that it’s easy to get distracted by the way others think you should look.

“People call me fat, like me brunette, like me to sing this song. They say stuff all the time. It does not bother me because I’m very fulfilled in my life, and I love my life and I’m blessed.”

Clarkson has said that it’s most important that you like yourself.

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