Jessa Duggar Squashes Feud Rumors After Praising Jana Duggar’s Gardening Skills

Jessa Duggar and Jana Duggar have a particularly interesting dynamic. For years fans have believed there was a feud between the girls. Jessa has talked to Jana in harsh tones on several occasions. The Duggar family has never addressed the strain, but it was visible in a few episodes of Counting On and 19 Kids and Counting.

Jana Duggar is known as the family’s caretaker. She handles chores around the home, helps out with her younger siblings, and most recently took over the job of the garden master from her brother. According to In Touch Weekly, Jessa Duggar sang her older sister’s praises while helping with the garden. The social media snaps show Jana working on planting items as Jessa’s son, Spurgeon watched his aunt’s progress. While it may seem like a small gesture to some, viewers know that Jessa highlighting Jana for anything is a big deal.

On one particular episode of Counting On, Jessa Duggar took digs at Jana Duggar. The two were helping to get a house together for Jill Duggar who was returning home with her husband and son from a mission trip. Fans were shocked at how Jessa talked to Jana, especially given that the two were supposed to be working together and not competing.

Being the oldest Duggar daughter has been a challenge for Jana. She is responsible for chores and taking care of her younger siblings as many of her sisters marry off. Jessa was the second daughter to get married and now has two children of her own. Jana has worked hard to help with the big family and has yet to meet someone to court. Rumors about her sexual preference have been circulating for years, but her focus remains on the family.

The nice words from Jessa Duggar were definitely a step in the right direction. While a feud between the sisters has been denied in the past, the body language and tone of voice the women have used speaks volumes. Counting On will be back in July, hopefully showing more interactions between Jessa and Jana. If the two have moved on from the differences of opinions, things could be more fun for the sisters. Jana has helped Jessa a lot with her children, especially once she added her second child to the mix. Sisters fight, but this was definitely more than just tension. More kind words for Jana from Jessa would definitely be welcome among Duggar fans.

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