Was Javi Marroquin’s Baby’s Gender Accidentally Revealed On Instagram? ‘Teen Mom 2’ Dad Addresses Girl Rumors

Javi Marroquin announced his girlfriend’s pregnancy news days ago and already, some fans believe they already know the gender of their baby.

Days after the Teen Mom 2 dad shocked fans by revealing that Lauren Comeau is expecting his second child, and sporting a huge baby bump just two months after their reconciliation was confirmed, OK! Magazine shared a report in which they revealed that Marroquin may have accidentally confirmed his child’s gender on Instagram.

“Am I blind or seeing some sort of pink smoke? Girl?!?” an Instagram user asked Marroquin after he shared a photo of himself and Comeau days ago.

In the photo in question, something pink or purple was visible on the left side as Marroquin was seen giving Comeau a loving kiss behind it. Also in the photo was a series of sonogram photos held by the mother-to-be.

After seeing the speculation in the comments section of his photo, Marroquin chose to address the rumors of a baby girl by stating that the pink and purple image was nothing more than a flower.

“It’s just a flower in the way haha,” he wrote to his curious fans.

Still, some fans wondered why the flower would be positioned in such a way for a professional photo.


Javi Marroquin started off 2018 in a relationship with his Teen Mom 2 co-star Briana DeJesus but split from her in February after she traveled to Miami for a number of plastic surgeries. Then, just one month later, Marroquin confirmed he had reconciled with Lauren Comeau after previously dating her last summer for a few months.

Many were shocked by the news of Marroquin’s reconciled relationship with Comeau due to the fact that he was seen preparing to propose to DeJesus on an episode of Teen Mom 2 that was filmed just months ago. Those same fans were further shocked when Marroquin announced that Comeau was pregnant just weeks into their reunion.

In the days that followed Marroquin’s baby news, many fans have raised questions about when Comeau conceived due to the size of her baby bump. While she and Marroquin only confirmed they were back on two months ago, Comeau seems to have a very large bump and many have suspected that Marroquin may have cheated on DeJesus with her.

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