Johnny Depp’s Friends Worried He’s Partying Too Much, Not Taking Care Of Himself, ‘Hollywood Life’ Reports

Johnny Depp’s friends are growing very worried about the actor after a series of photos emerged showing him looking pale and gaunt, a new report indicates.

This weekend, Depp took some time to meet with fans in St. Petersburg, Russia, after his band performed a concert there. The pictures found their way to the interent, promoting concern from fans who noticed that Depp looked almost unrecognizable, appearing to be much thinner and pale. His friends are worried too, Hollywood Life reports.

The celebrity gossip outlet reported that some close to Johnny Depp believe he is not taking care of himself as his band embarks on a world tour, and he has no one in his life who can step in and get him back on track.

“Johnny’s under a lot of stress and he’s partying hard,” the source claimed. “When Johnny’s single he doesn’t have anyone to rein him in, and he can get pretty wild when left to his own devices. It doesn’t help that he’s touring right now. When Johnny is playing with the band he likes to really immerse himself in the rock ‘n roll lifestyle, and that can really do a number on his health and wellbeing.”

There could be other factors at play. A report from the Sun noted that Depp has had some very public struggles with his finances. After a lawsuit last year claiming that his management company owed him tens of millions of dollars, the company responded with a claim that Depp was blowing through cash, including spending $3 million to blast Hunter S. Thompson’s ashes out of a cannon.

And last month, Depp faced a lawsuit from bodyguards who claimed that Depp never paid them money they had been owed. The guards claimed Depp is in a “financial hurricane” and that they had to work overtime as “babysitters,” keeping fans from seeing Depp in a nightclub while he had illegal substances on his face.

Some fans who saw the pictures of Johnny Depp had a simpler explanation for the seemingly drastic change in appearance. They noted that he has shaved off his facial hair and the hair on his head, which could account for much of the difference. Others said that the busy schedule for his band may have Depp looking a bit tired, which would account for his pale complexion.

While friends are quietly expressing their concern for the actor, Johnny Depp has not spoken out about the worrying photos.

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