Todd Chrisley Gushes Over Daugher Savannah’s Boyfriend, Nic Kerdiles, Welcoming Him To The Family

David Becker

Looks like the Chrisley family is growing in size. Though Savannah Chrisley and her boyfriend, NHL hockey star Nic Kerdiles, are not engaged, that didn’t stop Todd Chrisley from unofficially welcoming Nic to the family.

As the Inquisitr reported a few weeks ago, Savannah took to her Instagram account to share with fans how excited she was that Kerdiles’ long hockey season is finally over and now he is able to fly out and visit the reality star at her home in Nashville.

“The seasons over which means no more traveling back and forth for me. Countless hours in airports and on planes. But I don’t mind a single one of them,” the 20-year-old started the post before going on to say that she is happy to have Nic be able to leave San Diego to visit her.

But it turns out that Savannah isn’t the only member of the Chrisley family who is happy that Kerdiles will be spending more time in Nashville during the off season. In a post on his Instagram account yesterday, the normally overprotective father showed his soft side by welcoming Kerdiles to the family.

Though Todd does not appear in the picture, his daughter Savannah and her boyfriend Nic can be seen posing together in their bathing suits. The couple seems to be incredibly happy together as they both wear huge smiles on their faces.

Thus far, the sweet post has already gained the attention of many of Todd’s followers with over 72,000 likes as well as 590 plus comments. Many fans were surprised to see Todd’s softer side in the post and applauded him for being so kind to Savannah’s newest love interest.

“That’s it Todd, Go with God/life Flow, you can tell this guy is a good Guy… Congrats To All Your Family and Specially to Savannah… Great addition to your amazing Family.”

“You are such a wise man Todd!! As a parent totally agree with you,” another gushed.

Kerdiles himself also commented on the post, thanking Todd and the rest of the Chrisley family for welcoming him into their lives.

“Don’t make me cry over here Todd. Thank you guys for allowing me into your amazing family! You guys are amazing,” the 24-year-old gushed.

So far, Savannah does not appear to have commented on the post, but judging by her close relationship with her father on Chrisley Knows Best, fans can only assume that Todd’s touching words mean a lot to her.

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