Donald Trump, Jr. Receives More Backlash After Sharing Photo Of Son’s Pre-K Graduation

Carolyn KasterAP Images

Donald Trump, Jr. – and all of Donald Trump’s children – continue to come under fire for just about anything and everything they post on social media. Trump, Jr. recently took to Instagram to share a photo from his son’s pre-k graduation ceremony. What was intended to be nothing more than a beautiful milestone post quickly turned into something ugly.

In the photo, Trump appeared to be beaming with joy during the pre-k graduation ceremony with his son. Bashfully hiding his face from the camera, Trump noted his son, Spencer, was “being shy” during the ceremony. Trump proceeded to talk about how proud he was of his son for his accomplishments.

“Spencer being shy at his Pre-K graduation ceremony today. I’m very proud of my little man and all he’s grown into. Tristan on the other hand is enjoying himself greatly. #kids #graduation #weekend.”

Things turned ugly as he received a great deal of backlash revolving around his father’s presidency in the comment’s section.

According to Yahoo Lifestyle, several individuals could not help but point out the fact that not everyone had the means to send their children to pre-k programs. Some also pointed out the fact that the budget cuts proposed by the president were just making things worse for those who couldn’t afford private schooling.

An Instagram user named evelynwilliams112 noted how nice it must be to send their kids to a private school while public school funding suffers.

“Nice private school!!!! While public schools funding is being cut under Betsy D. and this pathetic administration!!!!!”

The individual who made the comment was likely referring to the proposed budget cuts for the 2019 fiscal year, which would dramatically hurt early education programs such as Head Start. A teacher at a Head Start school even elected to speak anonymously to Yahoo Lifestyle about how much schools were already struggling to provide students with everything they needed.

“We really don’t have the resources to serve the children the way that they should be served.”

As the Inquisitr reported earlier this week, neither Donald Trump, Jr., Ivanka, or any member of the Trump family had much luck posting anything on social media without receiving some sort of backlash. This isn’t even the first time this week Trump, Jr. took to social media to share what was intended to be nothing more than a sweet photo of himself and his children only to receive backlash and criticism regarding his father’s presidency.

Fortunately, Trump’s photo of his son’s pre-k graduation did contain comments of praise as well. Many applauded Donald for being such a great father. Some even told him to ignore anyone leaving negative comments.