Dr. Luke, Disgraced Music Producer Accused Of Assaulting Kesha, Selling His Hollywood Mansion For $12.8M

Lukasz Gottwald, better known as Dr. Luke, has put his Hollywood mansion up for sale for $12.8 million. Dr. Luke has been the center of controversy ever since the #FreeKesha movement has taken off, which is tied to the lawsuits that Kesha filed against the music producer.

Dr. Luke bought his Hollywood mansion in 2008 for around $4.8 million. It’s a highly desirable piece of property overlooking Sunset Boulevard and stunning views of downtown. The three-story mansion was built in 1931, detailed Page Six. From an infinity pool, modern kitchen, and expansive master bedroom, the mansion is spacious and stunning. Some of the details of the mansions include terra-cotta floors, Spanish-inspired doorways, and contemporary touches. There’s a large patio, spiral staircases, and outdoor kitchen.

And although Dr. Luke enjoyed all of the benefits that came from becoming a successful pop music producer, including his home, his reputation came under fire once Kesha filed a lawsuit against him. Kesha alleged that Dr. Luke raped her when she was getting started as an artist, and her contract required her to continue working with him. Some of the charges against Dr. Luke have been dropped by Kesha, but the case is ongoing. Additionally, Dr. Luke has sued Kesha for defamation.

Some of the consequences that Dr. Luke has suffered since Kesha filed the lawsuits include losing his position as CEO of Kemosabe Records. He started the record label in 2011, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Dr. Luke made a name for himself over the years by producing some high-charting hits. These include “Since U Been Gone” by Kelly Clarkson, “Girlfriend” by Avril Lavigne, and “I Kissed a Girl” by Katy Perry.

As far as the lawsuit is proceeding, it’s not looking great for Kesha. The latest update from the courts is that they are not allowing Kesha to be released from her record deal with Kemosabe Records. This decision also means that she cannot make further appeals, reported Vulture.

Earlier this month, Kesha said that she’s trying to stay positive in midst of the lawsuits. When asked about the lawsuits, she said she’s not allowed to speak about it.

“I can’t really talk about that part… [My lawyers] deal with it. In my mind, my focus is my music and, like, my happiness. ‘Cause who knows when the sun’s gonna burn out?”

Meanwhile, Dr. Luke has issued a statement underscoring that he never assaulted Kesha, reported WFMY2 News.

“Dr. Luke never raped, drugged or abused Kesha. Even though Kesha Sebert testified in 2011 in a videotaped deposition that Dr. Luke had never drugged her, or made any sexual advances towards her, in 2014 she filed a baseless lawsuit against Dr. Luke.”

The real motivations for why Dr. Luke is selling his mansion is known only to him, but it appears that the Kesha lawsuit has had long-reaching consequences for the once-lauded producer.

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