‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Recap Friday, June 1: Steffy Calls Liam While In Labor, Brooke Advises Hope To Rush

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Bold and the Beautiful recap for Friday, June 1, reveals that Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) is trying to convince Liam (Scott Clifton) to go back to Steffy. According to She Knows Soaps, Liam feels caught in the middle because he is still engaged to Hope (Annika Noelle). Ridge points out that if it hadn’t been for Bill’s (Don Diamont) deceit, he would have gotten back together with Steffy. Liam counters it with the fact that he’s in love with Hope and won’t turn his back on her. Ridge urges Liam not to continue punishing Steffy.

“Don’t punish Steffy for a crime she didn’t commit.”

Ridge leaves the cabin and Liam gets a call from a desperate Steffy who has gone into premature labor. B&B fans will remember that Steffy fell hard after putting Bill out. Bold and the Beautiful recap, via Soap Central, states that she was cramping and that her water had broken. Steffy tells Liam what had transpired and that she needed to get to the hospital as soon as possible. A worried Liam asked her if he should pick her up but she advised him that she had already ordered a car and to rather meet her at the hospital.

Steffy gets to the hospital and a nurse (Wendy Wang) helps settle her in her bed. Dr. Phillips (Robin Givens) is on the scene and asks her what happened. Steffy explained what happened and is upset because she has gone into labor too soon. Liam arrives and wants to know if it is possible to stop the labor, but Dr. Phillips is concerned for the baby’s health. There was a risk that because the water had broken it had become infected, and the baby could contract the infection. She ordered an I.V. and monitoring equipment. Steffy asked Liam to call her dad, which he does.

Brooke advises Hope to marry as soon as possible. Bold and the Beautiful recap says that Brooke fears that Steffy will use the baby to come between them. However, Hope assures her mother that neither Steffy nor Bill will ever take Liam from her again.

Ridge and Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) are once again arguing about whose daughter deserves Liam more when Ridge gets a call from his former son-in-law. He learns that Steffy is in labor and rushes off to support his daughter.

Bold and the Beautiful recap states that Hope speaks to her mother again. Brooke informs her that Steffy has gone into premature labor and that Liam had gone to be with Steffy. Hope was glad that Liam had left to be with Steffy during this crisis. She also hoped that the baby would be okay.

Back at the hospital, Steffy was in the full throes of labor. Liam was helping her through the contractions and giving her ice chips. Dr. Phillips was of the opinion that the baby’s heart rate was decreasing. She thought it could be brought on due to umbilical cord complications. The doctor wanted to do an emergency cesarean section but Steffy then had two huge contractions straight after each other. Dr. Phillips realizes that Steffy is fully dilated and the baby was coming. Liam was excited to finally meet their daughter.