Nicki Minaj Never Said That She Thinks Drake Has More Than One Child, Despite Tabloid Report [Debunked]

Ethan MillerGetty Images

Nicki Minaj is facing allegations that she thinks that Drake might have another love-child. Hollywood Life has reported, according to their source, the Queens rapper believes that her record label mate has another child that he might be hiding.

“Not at all. She actually wouldn’t be surprised if Drake’s got more than once secret love child out there,” the source said. “He’s such a huge player and she knows he’s a target for these girls trying to get that baby mama money. Nicki’s not judging though, it’s his business but she’s damn sure relieved she’s moved on and isn’t still in the mix with him.”

But celebrity rumor watchdog, Gossip Cop, claims that Hollywood Life’s story about Minaj is fake. They state that they checked with the “Chun-Li” rapper’s spokesperson who said that the article was “fake news as usual.” Nicki’s rep reportedly went so far as to “rhetorically” ask how Hollywood Life was still in business because Minaj’s team has had to deal with repeated falsified stories from the site in the past.

But besides the statement from Nicki’s spokesperson, there are some clues in the Hollywood Life article that imply that it isn’t credible. The source said that Nicki was in the mix with Drake’s purported other women. But Drake and Nicki have repeatedly denied that they’ve ever been in a relationship. Nicki addressed it explicitly in her song, “Only” where she rapped that she has never had sexual intercourse with the “Nice For What” rapper. The article goes on to contradict itself by saying that Nicki and Drake “seemed to be in an up and down relationship” for years. The fact that they used the word “seemed” doesn’t lend any credence to the story.

Based on holes in the article’s plausibility and Gossip Cop’s interview with Nicki Minaj’s rep, it looks like Hollywood Life tried to capitalize on the news that Drake reportedly has a son named Adonis with adult-film actress, Sophie Brussaux

While celebrity news outlets have speculated about Adonis’ existence before, it’s come up in the news recently because of a diss track by Pusha T directed towards the Canadian-born rapper. The name of the song is “The Story of Addidon.” The album art and the beat are an obvious nod to Jay-Z’s “The Story of OJ.” But during an interview with The Breakfast Club, Pusha T explained that “Addidon” refers to the name of a clothing line that Drake planned to put out with Addidas. So the name is meant to be a union of the brand’s name and his alleged son’s name, Pusha said.

There’s no word yet on whether Drake plans to respond to Pusha’s most recent diss track.