Duchess Meghan’s Dad Slams Reports That He Begged Her For Cash And She Said No

Meghan and Harry have been married for just over a week now but they’re still being plagued by the Markle family drama that dominated headlines about them before the royal wedding. Now TMZ is reporting that Meghan’s father, Thomas Markle Sr. is denying rumors that he ever asked his daughter for money. Markle says that he doesn’t need money from Duchess Meghan because he has chosen to follow a “frugal lifestyle.”

As TMZ notes, there were reports that he begged Meghan for money twice in the lead up to her wedding and she refused him on each occasion. He called these stories, “just plain bullsh*t,” adding that he has a sufficient income from his retirement fund. He also said that he believes that if he really needed the help, his royal daughter would assist him. He and Meghan have never discussed money, Thomas Markle said, revealing that it’s never a topic that comes up in their conversations.

Thomas Markle had been tapped to walk the former Suits actress down the aisle but he suffered a heart attack about a week before the wedding. In a previous interview, he told TMZ that his poor health had forced him to pull out of Meghan’s high-profile nuptials. In his most recent chat with the online tabloid, Markle disclosed that he has been “resting” since his heart surgery and that he was going to a follow-up appointment next week.

Thomas Markle was also embroiled in a paparazzi scandal before Meghan’s wedding. As The Telegraph reports, Markle was accused of staging what appeared to be candid photos of himself. According to The Telegraph, there’s CCTV footage that allegedly shows Meghan’s father working with a photographer and posing for photos that later appeared in multiple media outlets. Images from the videos were published by The Daily Mail and they claim to have also spoken to staff from the internet cafe where they were taken who reportedly said that the photos were fake. Some of the photos showed Markle getting measured for a tuxedo, but conversations with the tailors also revealed that the photos had been staged.

Given the timing of his heart attack and subsequent heart surgery, there was some speculation that Meghan’s father wanted to skip the wedding ceremony so that he wouldn’t have to face Prince Harry and the rest of the royal family in light of the photo scandal. Despite his absence, Harry and Meghan’s wedding ceremony came off without a hitch with Prince Charles stepping in to walk Meghan partway down the aisle after she entered St George’s Chapel on her own.

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