A ‘Pinterest’ For Preppers?

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Millions of Americans are already addicted to Pinterest, but there is a new kid on the social sharing block. PreppersPost is sort of a Pinterest online community for preppers. Even if you are not stockpiling food in the basement, this up and coming website may have a lot to offer. Green living, upcycling, and healthy cooking tips abound on the prepping website.

Prepperspost.com is a living room business created by a husband and wife team. The unnamed couple note they came to prepping late, but feel the need to be better prepared in case the “comfortable American lifestyle” cannot be sustained for either a short or long period of time.

While searching online to educate themselves, “Mr. and Mrs. Ppost” discovered the information they desired was stretched far and wide in cyber space. Since they could not find exactly what they were looking for, they decided to build it themselves, and help others in the process.

An excerpt from the PreppersPost website reads:

“What we were looking for was a single destination where the community was focused and driven to separate the truth from the b******t and con artist peddling, low-no quality products or information. We knew that such a community would provide us and many others with the right information for the right purpose. As true believers in the internet being the great equalizer and that passionate individuals can cause a wide-spread effect, we decided to create such as community. So beginning with a modified script that we had developed and currently use as a website for our extended family to share news, photos, videos and information we have taken a leap of faith in launching the PreppersPost community.”

Armed with a Mac, an iPad, and their cell phones, the couple turned their passion into an online community that is attracting hordes of others seeking to prepare or green their lifestyle. PreppersPost members can upload photos, links, and information from either their laptop or mobile device.

The front page changes quickly, just like on Pinterest and Facebook. The constantly updating of information illustrates how popular the PreppersPost website has become. Members must request an invite for membership, much like the process to join Pinterest. Visitors can learn how to fill the perfect bug out bag, how to can dog food, or to identify edible plants.

The postings vary widely and can help novice to experienced gardeners, cooks, and farmers. Those interested in alternative sources of power might also find project instructions highly useful. If you want to learn how make a biomass stove, Doritos casserole, or how to raise backyard chickens, the directions are readily available on the new preppers community website.