Ashley Graham Celebrates Memorial Day In Black Bikini, Body Jewelry

Craig BarrittGetty Images for ICP

Ashley Graham has decided to celebrate Memorial Day by living her best life, and she wishes you would tell her differently, thank you very much.

The model and newly-minted bathing suit designer was recently featured on the roof of a New York City pool, wearing one of her swimsuits, holding her nose, and diving into a pool, according to the Daily Mail.

Ashley Graham, who is viewed as a bit of an “activist” because she’s larger than the average model, donned a skimpy black bikini with gold body jewelry as the photographers snapped away.

Ashley also posed for photos wearing a sheer nude cover-up when she got out of the pool.

The bikini, according to the outlet, was made by X Swimsuits for All Hotsy-Totsy, and retails for about $60.

Graham, for her part, has just announced a collaboration with Swimsuits for All, where she designs a line of beautiful swimsuits for women of all shapes and sizes, and does so at affordable prices.

Graham also did a photo shoot for this line with some “everyday women,” who were also partying poolside with her: Marquita Pring, Bernadett Vajda, Julie Henderson, and her mother Linda Graham.

Last year, Ashley Graham was snapped partying in the Hamptons with all her favorite girls, so the party in New York City was a bit of a departure for her.

Recently, too, Graham and her mother were featured on Facebook Live, talking about Graham’s grandmother’s reaction to seeing her first-ever nude spread.

The results were, if nothing else, absolutely hilarious.


To promote her new swimwear line with Swimwear for All, Graham encouraged her hundreds of thousands of followers to “do it for the Graham!” and share pictures and videos of themselves on social media, while wearing their new swimsuits designed by Graham for the line.

Ashley Graham was also happy to share some beauty tips with her fans. In a corresponding Instagram story, the supermodel showed that she recently applied a spray tan, but it turned out “streaky AF.” In response, she told her followers that she uses a little Windex window cleaner and a paper towel to “scrub it off” and re-apply it correctly. (Hey, whatever works.)

And she proved that the technique works by showing off her streak-free legs afterward, in which she captioned the result “after! No streaks!”

A former Levi’s jeans model, Ashley Graham has appeared on the cover of such magazines as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, and Elle.