May 26, 2018
'Grey's Anatomy' Star Ellen Pompeo Robbed During Her Vacation In Italy

Grey's Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo has been robbed. The actress, who plays lead character Dr. Meredith Grey on the hit ABC medical drama, says that she had her personal items stolen from right underneath of her.

According to a May 26 report by Us Weekly Magazine, Ellen Pompeo revealed to her fans via Instagram that she had been the victim of a robbery during her family's vacation in Italy this week. The Grey's Anatomy actress shared a snapshot of two Italian police officers, and thanked them for their help.

Pompeo was not hurt during the robbery, and everything actually ended very well for the TV star. Ellen says that her purse was found not far down the street from where it was taken, and that all of her personal belongings were recovered. The Grey's Anatomy fan favorite also revealed that she had been tracking her phone the whole time in hopes of catching the criminal, and that the person who took her purse is lucky she didn't get a hold of them.

Pompeo also hilariously blamed the wine she had been drinking for not noticing that her purse had been taken from right under her nose, and thanked the criminal for not being smart enough to actually get away with the crime.

"My purse was stolen from right under my nose!! I blame the rose!! But Grazia to who ever stole it for dropping it on the street exactly in tact. Also I hope you were smiling because e Sarai catturato perche sei in macchina please forgive my horrible Italian."
Thankfully, no one was hurt during the crime, and everything ended up back in the possession of its rightful owner. Just before revealing that her purse had been stolen, Ellen Pompeo shared a gorgeous snapshot of her two daughters, Sienna, 3, and Stella, 8, watching the sunset in Florence. The Grey's Anatomy star also has a 17-month-old son named Eli, all of whom she shares with her husband, Chris Ivery.

The couple married back in 2007 and welcomed daughter Stella in 2009. While Pompeo gave birth to her oldest daughter, she used a surrogate to welcome her second daughter, as well as the couple's young son.

Meanwhile, Ellen Pompeo recently signed on to do more seasons of Grey's Anatomy, which will be entering its 15th season on ABC this fall. She has been playing the role of Meredith Grey for over a decade, and fans are still loving everything the show has to offer.