Derick Dillard Twitter Feed Made Private After More Backlash From LGBTQ Comments

Derick Dillard has been incredibly vocal on social media about his beliefs. He has managed to get himself and his wife, Jill Duggar, terminated from working with the TLC network because of the things he has said. Dillard has attacked the LGBTQ community on several occasions, specifically picking on transgender teen Jazz Jennings, who also has a show on the TLC network.

The last several months have been filled with criticism about how Derick Dillard handles his social media rants. In fact, an extended member of the Duggar family called him out for spewing hate-filled messages on Twitter. Fans wondered why the Duggar family had not stepped in and asked him to calm down, but now, it looks like someone may have done just that. According to In Touch Weekly, Derick Dillard has finally locked his Twitter account down. His followers are still able to see his tweets, but anyone else will have to request to follow him.

A lot of negative press about the Duggar family has come from things Derick Dillard has said and done. Loyal fans have called for him to stop ranting on social media, especially after it was announced that TLC decided to cut ties with the Dillards. The network already refuses to film Josh Duggar and his family, and now, Jill Duggar is also on the banned list. With Counting On still on the air, this causes a lot of conflicts when filming the bigger family events.

Moving forward, it appears that Derick Dillard is trying to further his life in ministry. He served in El Salvador with Jill Duggar before they welcomed their second son. Now, they have been home almost a year, and without the reality television money coming in, plans need to be made. There has been speculation that he is planning to further his work with the gospel, but no definitive plans have been shared.

Making his Twitter feed private was a huge move for the former Counting On star. Derick Dillard has never apologized for his behavior or comments, only resorting to quoting scripture to back up what he has preached. Despite his followers being mostly pro-Duggar, he still received a lot of criticism for how he worded things, and for attacking the network that had him on the payroll. Moving forward, it is expected that Dillard will be more careful with his words, and if not, his Twitter account is now private.