Mariah Carey's 50-Pound Weight Loss Has Nick Cannon Desperate To Win Her Back, 'Hollywood Life' Reports

Nathan Francis

Mariah Carey dropped 50 pounds and may be picking up a new man.

After the pop star underwent a drastic weight transformation, Hollywood Life is reporting that ex-husband Nick Cannon is desperate for another chance with her. The report noted that Nick has been publicly supportive of Mariah's relationship with boyfriend Bryan Tanaka, but he is secretly waiting to swoop in again if the two should part.

"Nick is waiting on the sidelines for things between Mariah and her boyfriend Bryan to go sour," a source told the outlet. "He's being very slick about it though and is always super friendly with Bryan. He'll even say stuff like how great they are as a couple, but he's totally gaming it. He wants to win Mariah's heart again so he's waiting patiently for his chance."

The report claimed that Nick Cannon is being careful not to come on too strong, but instead biding his time and waiting for another opportunity. The source claimed that Nick "never stopped loving Mariah," and seeing her amazing weight loss has strengthened those feelings. Nick filed for divorce in early 2015 after nearly six years of marriage.

A previous report claimed that Mariah Carey underwent gastric bypass surgery after years of struggling to maintain her weight. A source told the New York Post's Page Six in November 2017 that Carey underwent the procedure (Mariah never spoke publicly about the rumors), and close to half a year later the results are showing. Carey had said in previous interviews that she always had a fuller frame, and she gained an additional 70 pounds while pregnant with her twins in 2011.

In the years since then, Mariah's weight fluctuated and she even became the target for online trolls who mocked her appearance. But the singer and actress remained positive about her body image and reportedly took inspiration from Jennifer Lopez.

"Things were getting a little out of control with her weight and she really didn't like how things were going," a source told Hollywood Life. "And she knows she has an image to uphold, a young boyfriend and, most importantly, kids that are growing up that she wants to be around for in the near and far future. So she decided to make a change for the better and for her future."

There is no clear total on how much weight Mariah Carey has lost, with estimates ranging from 30 pounds to 50 pounds, and the noticeably slimmer physique has been on display in her recent appearances.