Airline Passenger Michael Allen Haag Arrested After Police Say He Urinated In Seat, ‘Touched’ Female Passenger

A man identified as Michael Allen Haag could face up to 20 years in prison after he allegedly acted out while aboard a Frontier Airlines flight, engaging in drunk and unruly behavior that reportedly included inappropriately touching a female passenger and urinating on a nearby seat.

According to a report from USA Today, the incident happened aboard Frontier Airlines flight F9864 from Denver to Charleston, South Carolina, when the 45-year-old Haag, who was sitting in seat 25E, ordered a double vodka for himself. At that point, he began making comments that were unsettling to some of his fellow passengers, with one witness recalling to FBI officers that Haag was telling a woman how he was “physically excited” to see an ex-girlfriend. Citing the same FBI affidavit, The Smoking Gun wrote that Haag kept asking personal questions to this passenger, and “kept looking at her chest and legs, as she was wearing a tank top and shorts.”

Although passengers were reportedly disturbed by the “crude” conversation Michael Allen Haag was making, USA Today wrote that he kept on talking, then ordered a second double vodka. At that point, he repeatedly “touched” another woman sitting next to him, who then told him to “back off,” as further alleged on the FBI affidavit.

A woman who simply identified herself as Emily gave a more detailed description of what allegedly happened on the Frontier flight, as she told Fox 31 Denver that she was awakened by the screams of the female passenger Haag had supposedly groped.

“I [heard] a woman scream, ‘if this man f***ing touches me one more time, I’ll f***ing kill him,’” Emily related.

“She said that he ordered two double shots of vodka, so four drinks while they were sitting there. He was out of his mind. Like he couldn’t speak, he was mumbling. This man was extremely intoxicated.”

After the woman complained about Michael Allen Haag’s behavior, the allegedly drunk passenger was then moved to the back of the plane, right across the aisle from Emily’s seat. While she was warned that Haag might continue acting inappropriately, Emily told Fox 31 Denver that she tried to snap a photo of him so she could show her friends how he looked like. That was when Haag allegedly took things even further.

“While I have my phone out trying to take a discreet photo, he starts to pee and urinate on the seat in front of him,” said Emily, who added that she was able to capture this act on her phone’s camera.

Emily further claimed that Frontier Airlines staff were more concerned that she was swearing while complaining about Haag’s behavior, rather than the sight of a passenger urinating on the seats. Although she was ultimately moved to the front, and given a $200 travel voucher with her bag fees waived as well, Emily opined that Frontier Airlines handled the situation “extremely poorly,” and should have had someone sit next to Haag to ensure that he behaved.

According to The Smoking Gun, airport police removed Michael Allen Haag from the plane once it landed in Charleston at around 9:15 p.m. on Friday. He was charged with indecent exposure and interfering with flight crew members, the latter of which could see him spend up to 20 years in prison, the Denver Channel wrote.