Olivia Culpo Wears Frilly White Bikini In New Insta Snap

Olivia Culpo is enjoying some tropical rays and sharing the moment with her fans in a new bikini picture she's posted online.

The model shared an Instagram picture showing off her white frilly bikini while she enjoyed a refreshing pineapple, a picture that had close to 100,000 likes in just the first two hours of being posted. Just a few days earlier, Culpo told fans she was headed down to Mexico, though she didn't identify the exact location of her the tropical getaway for this week.

It's not been all hanging out in the sun, and Olivia Culpo has, in fact, had a busy week. As Us Weekly noted, she was in Los Angeles last week for the launch of Dolce & Gabbana's latest fragrance and talked to the celebrity news outlet about her beauty looks for the summer.

Culpo said she likes to keep active in the summertime, which usually means an easier hairstyle.

"Here's the thing about summer: you're either at the beach or you could be hiking somewhere, or you are on a boat and in all of those scenarios, you're going to want to have your hair back. You don't want your hair blowing around everywhere," she shared. "So I find myself wearing my hair back a lot during the summer. Maybe if it was a more relaxed day or if I knew I didn't have to be ready to be photographed at all moments, I would wear my hair down."

Olivia Culpo is no stranger to sharing some of these looks on Instagram, including plenty of bikini pictures. She was even more revealing just ahead of her 26th birthday celebration, sharing a picture of herself nude (though strategically covered) for a Sports Illustrated photoshoot. Around that same time, Culpo opened up about her breakup with former New England Patriots wide receiver Danny Amendola, saying that she was deciding to take some time for herself after the painful breakup.

Culpo's Instagram followers got to see what she did during that time, which included time in Italy and France. Fans also got a glimpse of the same white frilly bikini just a few days before, when Olivia Culpo shared another shot of herself wearing what she called an "invisible flower crown."

For those who want to see what it's like living as a jet-setting model, Olivia Culpo has plenty of other bikini pictures --- plus snaps of all her other worldwide adventures --- on her Instagram page.