Arnold Loves Maria: Schwarzenegger Hopes For Reconciliation

arnold loves maria wants to get together

Arnold Schwarzenegger loves Maria Shriver, and the actor and former governor of California candidly confessed that he wants to patch up his relationship, heavily damaged by an infidelity and the revelation of an illegitimate child.

Arnold admits he loves Maria, his wife of nearly 30 years, taking responsibility for the affairs that led to the pair’s estrangement and putting his feelings of love and loss out there in new interviews in which he discusses the semi-split.

Though Schwarzenegger and Shriver are still married, it’s clear that the pair have not entirely bridged the gap in their marriage following the stunning and devastating revelation that not only had Arnold stepped out — but that his indiscretion had been cemented by a child borne of the affair with a staff member.

But throughout the ensuing scandal, Arnold says, his love for Maria remains, and he too remains hopeful the past and his forays into non-monogamy will not spell the end of their relationship.

Earlier this month, Schwarzenegger sat down with Mario Lopez to chat about his new book, Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story, and the action star heaps praise on Shriver, immediately saying:

“Things are going well … I have to credit my wife, who has been terrific in keeping everything together.”

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When Lopez asks if Maria is the love of Arnold’s life, he replies to that and a question of what he would have done differently, saying:

“Oh yes, absolutely … [I’d go back and] not make the mistakes… it’s always good to be smart in hindsight.”

Schwarzenegger’s interview below makes it clear that Arnold loves Maria, but can a marriage survive such a public setback? Have you ever dealt with a similar infidelity heartbreak, and should cheating be forgiven if a spouse makes amends?