Kanye West Is Not Well, Says Wendy Williams

Since his return to Twitter last month, Kanye West has said and done things that left his friends and fans alike worried. Now talk show host Wendy Williams has spoken out about the rapper as she spilled "tea" about several situations during a few rounds of "How She Doin?"

Page Six reported that Williams said that Kanye West is not well during Vulture Festival's event called, "Ask Wendy Williams." Ultimately, she attributes that to every off the wall, controversial thing he's said recently.

Yeezy made major headlines when he said slavery was a choice. His comments enraged many, and they even lead to a threat from fellow rapper Daz Dillinger who called for gang members to harm Kanye and banned the rapper from California over the outrageous comments, as Inquisitr reported.

Wendy Williams got real and stopped joking when she discussed drug addiction (her own and his). Ye said he suffered from an opioid addiction after undergoing liposuction, and that addiction led to his 2016 hospitalization. She also attributed his erratic behavior to possible mental illness. According to Williams, the rapper suffers from a mental illness, and his dad isn't around, his mother has passed, and his wife is Kim Kardashian. She probably wisely refused to discuss the Kardashians and Jenners. While she had plenty of catty things to say during her tea spilling, the daytime talk show host said she feels bad for West.

Ultimately, she feels the music mogul is "in the throes" of mental illness, and she feels bad for his situation. Williams went on to discuss how difficult it is to get mental health help in the United States. Instead of therapy and counseling, mentally ill people in the U.S. often wind up filling up the prisons where they still don't get the help they need.

Will somebody step up and help Yeezy get well? Does he even need to get well? At this point, it's tough to tell because Wendy Williams obviously isn't a doctor, and she's not in the rapper's inner circle. Kanye has gotten help in the past, and if he needs help again, surely his wife and remaining family will help make sure he gets the help he needs. He has the means to obtain treatment.