Best Horror Movies On Blu-Ray: Tony Todd Replies To Fan On Twitter, Announces 'Candyman' To Be Released In 4K

Often regarded as one of the best horror movies of the '90s, Candyman made its debut in '92 and was an instant hit. The atmospheric chiller was regarded as one of the scariest horror movies of the decade, and 26 years later, it has stood the test of time. With 1992 horror titles like 976-EVIL, Dead Alive, Dr. Giggles, House 4, and Army of Darkness, the stylized Candyman was like no other film released around that era. And now it looks like there is good news for fans of the classic horror flick.

As documented by Dread Central, Tony Todd (The Candyman) recently replied to a fan's tweet that blew the Twitter user's mind. As seen below, the fan tweeted that he recently attempted to buy a copy of the famed horror flick on Amazon, but it was listed as unavailable. Minutes later, Todd replied to the fan saying to wait for the new 4k version coming soon, and that it will feature commentary from Bernard Rose.

Bernard Rose was the writer and director of Candyman, and it was based on the short story, The Forbidden, by horror legend Clive Barker (Lord of Illusions, Cabal). While Rose has made several successful movies since then—including Boxing Day, Paperhouse, and 2015's Frankenstein—none have reached the popularity of his 1992 horror hit. The film co-stars Virginia Madsen, Vanessa Williams, and Xander Berkeley.

The legendary horror flick tells the story of University of Chicago graduate student Helen Lyle (Madsen). Alongside her friend, Anne-Marie (Williams), Lyle is researching an urban folktale around the housing projects of Chicago. Legend has it, if you look into a mirror and repeat the words "Candyman" five times, the mysterious killer appears and slashes his summoners with a metal hook. Helen is skeptical of this until she sees the slaughters occur with her own eyes, and even worse, the supernatural killer wants her to join him in his otherworldly home. (Two sequels were later released by different filmmakers, but they failed to reach the critical acclaim of the original.)
While fans anxiously await one of the best horror movies of the '90s to be released on 4k Blu-ray, they can watch Candyman On Demand and on Vudu.