Tired Of The Royal Wedding Coverage? Here’s What You Can Watch Instead

Chris Jackson

By now, you’re probably sick and tired of hearing about Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Meghan’s crazy family, Prince Harry’s ubiquitous family, and the royal wedding.

We feel your pain.

If you’re not a royal watcher — if you couldn’t give a toss about who “The Spare” in the British royal family is marrying — and if your own family is making you so crazy that you don’t have time to worry about Meghan Markle’s family, this is the post for you.

We’ve found a list of other shows, courtesy of TV Guide, that you can watch during primetime so you don’t have to watch the royal wedding. (All that TV isn’t good for your brain, anyway.)


HBO will feature the premiere of Fahrenheit 451, which is a modern reboot of the classic Ray Bradbury novel. Starring Michael B. Jordan and Michael Shannon, Fahrenheit 451 is set in a dystopian future where the media is used as a tool for propaganda, and books are burned to prevent people from learning the truth about their history. (Amazingly, this is a work of fiction.) It premieres at 8 p.m. EST on the premium cable giant.

Then, head on over to Netflix to catch some streaming premieres.

The good news about the streaming premieres – you can watch them during the royal wedding if seeing British royalty get hitched isn’t your thing.

If you like dark films, check out Catching Feelings, which focuses on the struggle a South African couple faces in their marriage when a free-spirited journalist moves into their neighborhood. Cargo, starring Martin Freeman, is another dystopian thriller set in the desert, where Freeman’s character struggles to survive after everyone in his neighborhood has turned into a zombie. (Think The Walking Dead meets I, Robot.)


Finally, the award-winning drama 13 Reasons Why returns for its second season, and it promises to be tenser than the last season. They’ll be tackling topics such as the fallout from Hannah’s suicide and Jessica’s journey to come to terms with her rape. There will also be a series of sexual assaults tied to one of the school’s beloved sports teams.

Of course, if you prefer to watch the royal wedding, we hope you’ve stocked up on tea (or coffee!) and crumpets.