WWE Rumors: Update On The Status Of A Tag Team Ladder Match At ‘Money In The Bank’


A couple of weeks ago, there were rumors flying around that this year’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view would be unlike any that has happened before. It has already been confirmed that there will be men’s and women’s MITB ladder matches, but rumors of a third match involving tag teams have been thrown about as well. With the PPV now less than a month away, it appears as if WWE may have already changed their internal plans for the event’s card.

So far, there are two MITB ladder matches confirmed for the event with one having all women and another having all men. The women’s match has four of its eight qualifiers set and in place as of Friday afternoon. It still needs two more from Monday Night Raw and two from SmackDown Live to complete the lineup.

The men’s match has seven of its eight spots filled with one more Raw superstar needed to complete its list of participants. On the Team Blue side, The New Day ended up recently winning a match which allows them to select one member of the trio to take part in the MITB ladder match.

This has led to many believing the other two members of The New Day would be in the rumored MITB match involving tag teams, but that likely won’t happen now.

wwe rumors money in the bank tag team ladder match update
Featured image credit: WWE

According to rumors reported by Cageside Seats, the much-talked-about tag team MITB ladder match is not happening. As a matter of fact, it may not have even ever been a point of discussion in WWE at all.

Up until this point, anything said about a third ladder match at Money in the Bank was pure speculation with nothing said by WWE at all. This past Tuesday on SmackDown Live, though, the match was quickly mentioned in passing without a lot of detail but has since been ignored.

Sportskeeda has now pointed out that there is absolutely nothing currently scheduled for tag teams at Money in the Bank. There are no championship bouts or matches of any kind for tag teams from either Raw or SmackDown, but that could end up changing soon.

On June 17, WWE will present the Money in the Bank pay-per-view with a least two ladder matches taking place with a briefcase hanging high above the ring. If there is going to be a third match involving tag teams that remains to be seen, but WWE isn’t confirming anything at this time. As the event gets closer, though, and the card builds, fans will have a better idea if this first-ever MITB ladder match is going to take place.