Jennifer Garner Allegedly Happy Ben Affleck And Lindsay Shookus’ Relationship Is On The Rocks

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As Ben Affleck and Lindsay Shookus’ relationship appears to be on the rocks after just a year of dating, it seems as though at least one person is happy about.

According to Radar Online, Affleck is in hot water after slamming some photographers on social media. On May 6, the 45-year-old took a video of paparazzi taking pictures of him as he drove in his car. In the caption of the picture, he asked what was so “newsworthy” about a middle-aged man taking his kids to church. His girlfriend, Lindsay Shookus, is reportedly “furious” over Affleck’s post.

In turn, the 37-year-old gave an interview to Elle, where she explained that since her whole career as a producer has been behind the camera, she is more comfortable there. The SNL Producer also claims that being in the spotlight as much as she is now is ridiculous.

“Being considered a public figure honestly makes me laugh.”

After all the drama that has been going down recently, Affleck’s ex-wife, Jennifer Garner, is reportedly happy about the current state of affairs between Ben and Lindsay. Even though Garner has been all about co-parenting and taking the high road following the split, she thinks that the new couple is getting a little bit of karma thrown their way.

“Jen is loving the fact that Lindsay is freaking out about Ben, and then went on record with a magazine about all the attention surrounding them,” the source dishes.

The source goes on to say that Jen believes that the cracks in the couple’s relationship are starting to show after things had been going smoothly for so long. Garner also believes that Shookus is “full of herself,” which is another reason why she doesn’t like her.

As the Inquisitr reported a few days ago, Affleck and Garner have been putting their best foot forward in an effort to co-parent for the sake of their three children. The former couple even spent some together on Mother’s Day, watching their 6-year-old son, Samuel, play baseball in Los Angeles.

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Garner and Affleck got married in 2005 and 10 years later, they announced that they were splitting. However, they continued to live together for another two years before officially filing for divorce. Both Affleck and Garner are being amicable and seeking joint physical custody of their three kids.

According to IMDB, Affleck has a few projects that he is currently producing. Garner, on the other hand, will appear next in the movie Peppermint, which comes out in September.