Detroit Police Arrest Six Men For Alleged Sexual Assault Of Two Women Looking To Score Drugs

Six men were arrested last night after law enforcement officials say that they sexually assaulted two women inside a home on the northeast side of Detroit. All of the men are between the ages of 24 and 65.

Two women traveled by car from Troy to the Detroit’s northeast side in an effort to score drugs. They approached a man who was riding his bike to ask him to show them the best place to find what they were looking for. The man then pointed them to a home in the 13500 block of Mitchell.

When the two Troy women arrived at the address, they found a horror that they weren’t expecting. According to a statement given to the Detroit Police Department, when the women entered the home, they were forced to smoke crack cocaine. After they did as they were told, the women claim that they were raped by the men inside the house.

One of the women was able to get free and escape to the safety of her car. She called the police and when they arrived, the woman was without her clothes, wearing nothing but a blanket. The second woman was rescued shortly after the police arrived on the scene.

The Detroit police say that they arrested all six men at the crime scene and promptly sent both of the women to the hospital to get checked out for injuries. At this time, there is no word on the exact condition of the women.

All six Detroit men are currently incarcerated awaiting their arraignment. There is no date scheduled at this time.

Unaware of the danger they are in, many suburban women looking to score drugs from a nearby city end up robbed, raped, or both. Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon occurrence.

In one such example, reported by KXAN, five women who planned on buying marijuana drove from the suburbs to Austin, Texas. The planned drug deal turned bad. They were then held at gunpoint and two of the men sexually assaulted two of the women. The women were kidnapped and held against their will. Both men, in this case, were charged for their crimes.