NFL Free Agent WR Dez Bryant Does Not Regret Spurning Baltimore Ravens’ Offer

Dez Bryant is still without an NFL team and it is all his doing. The former Dallas Cowboys star is holding out hope that changes soon. How soon Dez Bryant signs with a team will hinge on what type of free agency offer he is willing to accept.

A week before the NFL draft, Dez Bryant turned down a multi-year offer (courtesy of ESPN) from the Baltimore Ravens. After the news broke that Bryant said no to the Ravens, it was reported that he was only interested in taking a one-year deal.

Turning down more security with the Baltimore Ravens in order to be a free agent in 2019 has come back to haunt Dez Bryant thus far. Nevertheless, it is a decision that Bryant does not regret (courtesy of the NFL website).

The Baltimore Ravens presented a good opportunity for Dez Bryant. With only Michael Crabtree and Willie Sneed, who were added as free agents, the Ravens had no one proven at the receiver position. Bryant could have come onto the Ravens with a chance to become their No. 1 receiver.

Being able to re-enter free agency had to be on Dez Bryant’s mind when he turned down the Baltimore Ravens’ offer. It should be debatable about his preference to sign a one-year deal, however. Bryant could have asked the Ravens to structure the contract in a way where both sides could walk away after the end of the season.

Perhaps Dez Bryant is holding out for a team in the NFC East to offer him a contract. Thus far, outside of the Ravens, Bryant has had no reported takers.

There were some whispers about how Dez Bryant would fit with the Green Bay Packers. However, any talks of him joining the Packers have been dismissed.

Unless an injury happens it will be a surprise if Dez Bryant gets picked up by an NFL team before June. It magnifies Bryant turning down the Baltimore Ravens offer.

In hindsight it was not a good decision for Dez Bryant. It is big, if not prideful of him to stick by his choice. A multi-year deal from the Baltimore Ravens would have given Bryant the ability to prove that he has something left in the tank. Essentially that is what Dez Bryant wants to do.

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